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We Need YOU!

The Pregnancy Resource Center ("PRC") has been serving the residents of Barbour County (and surrounding areas) for over 20 years! We have been sustained all these years by the generosity of the churches and citizens who make donations through various means. Another reason the PRC has thrived all these years is because of selfless volunteers who give of their time and talents to serve our clients!

In the past year, we have had a decline in volunteers-- some have had to step away due to health reasons and some have relocated. We have less hands and feet available to serve our community, but the needs have not decreased; in fact, quite the opposite has happened! We are praying for God to send us volunteers that have a desire to see Jesus' love shared in our community!

If you have a couple of hours to spare each week, you could make a difference at the PRC! Sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone into a new adventure is exactly what God wants us to do. As a Client Advocate (fancy title) you could face many potential encounters... from explaining how to administer a pregnancy test, filling out paperwork with new client information, talking through a pregnancy or parenting class that a client has completed (Don't worry- you won't have to teach the class!), going over a take-home Bible study, or praying with a client for salvation, wisdom, strength, etc. Client Advocates are just that-- a positive support for the client! We provide training through CareNet, too! If you or someone you know would be a good fit, please contact us or come by to chat!

Please pray about volunteering with the PRC-- We Need YOU!

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